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When you saw bed bugs signs in your home, then you have a problem. Thousands of homeowners reported bed bug infestation in their house, and there could be others that are not yet reported. This happens because some people don't even know their existence. But, once you discovered they are in your home, you should not allow these bugs to stay for a long time. You should avoid them since these insects can bring harm and bed bugs allergy to you and your family.


Why Choose Us

Are you finding bed bug services near me? Then, you landed on the right website. You can many bed bugs services in your area. But if you want the best, then you should select our company. We have improved from the beginning of our business, and it made us the most capable bed bugs services out there. If you want to know more about us, the following are some of the features of our services:

  • Our company can give great services due to our effective bed bug detection services and bed bug treatment services. We developed extermination methods for both small and large areas of request. 
  • The procedures we have cannot reach your property without our professional exterminators. We have qualified bed bug killers undergone full training and seminars so that they can do their job well. 
  • We also provide our workers with complete materials, tools, and equipment. All of these are proven and tested to perform right in our operations.
  • Our workers are always on time so you can save your time from pest infestations. 
  • We do not choose our clients. Our company can handle any size of the job. The company can guarantee assured accuracy and effectiveness to all clients.


Bed Bug Services We Offer

The features of our company services to every client request for a fair service. Our company assures everyone to provide consistent quality services to all as part of our goal. If you trust us, we will handle from bed bugs detection to elimination. For your information, the following are the company services we offer:

  1. Bed Bugs Inspection 
  2. Residential Bed Bugs Treatment
  3. Commercial Bed Bugs Removal
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In case you do not know anything about bed bugs, they are oval, brown insects. They feed on human and animal blood. These insects can grow to the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs cannot fly; but, they can move quickly on your floors, walls, and ceilings. Their common shelters are wall crevices, frames of your bed, cushions, and other tight spaces. 

As we mentioned earlier, these bugs can bring harm to everyone in your home. Why is that? Bed bugs prefer blood as their nutrition. They suck your blood during the night when you’re ready to sleep, and that is where the problem starts. When they suck your blood, the pain can disturb your sleep. Multiple bed bugs can feed on you every evening causing bed bugs allergy that can deprive your slumber. We all know that sleep deprivation is unhealthy. Plus, they can trigger bed bugs allergy and other reactions in your body.

Our Services

Bed Bugs Inspection

Some people wanted to make sure that their home is free from bed bugs. While others who want to confirm pest infestations in their property. Whichever case you have, we can help you determine if you have bed bugs invasion in your home. We can survey your whole house for any signs of these pests. Though these insects can conceal deep in tight locations, we can detect them with our modern inspection services.

Residential Bed Bugs Treatment

Our company caters domestic clients with our treatment services. If you have confirmed that you have bed bugs infestations in your home, then you can request for our remedy. Either you have taken our bed bugs examination services or you gave us solid proof, we will entertain you. We receive requests at any time of the day. Just wait for your schedule, and we will remove your bed bugs problem right away.

Commercial Bed Bugs Removal

Aside from household services, our company also treats commercial property from bed bug infestations. Whether you have these insects on your sofa, beds, chairs, or any affected place, we can handle them for you. We do not choose our customers. This means we can manage small to large-scale requests.


Bed Bugs Vancouver has started its services to help people with their bed bugs infestation problems. It is our goal to exterminate these pests to maintain the comfort of your lives and your businesses. We know the problems that bed bugs can induce so we are trying to improve our services for your satisfaction. So if you need quality and effective bed bug treatment services, we can give it to you. All you need to do is call us and we will do the rest to remove your worries.

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